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Excavation Services/Kenya.

  • Excavation Services/Kenya.

✌We hire excavators of all sizes starting with 4 tones to 45 tones.

At pullman Excavation we combine the correct equipment and technology along with our excavation experience to guarantee that your job is done in a timely and efficient manner. Our expertise and innovation in excavation make us the best choice for your job.

Some of the excavation services that we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Site Clearing
  • Lot Leveling
  • Grading Contractor Services
  • Backfill
  • Basement Excavation
  • Sewer & Water Excavation
  • Foundation Excavation
  • Demolition Services
  • Erosion Control
  • Dirt & Rock Excavation
  • Embankment
  • Septic System Excavation

Pullman Excavating is ready and able to complete your excavation project. We offer affordable trucking and excavating services.

Contact Pullman Excavators today for a free quote on your next excavation project

▶We carry excavation services through out the country. We cover all 47 counties in Kenya. Be it underground tunnels, warehouse excavation, foundations,sewerage excavations, septic tanks excavation,Dams excavations,Drainage excavation services, Dumping excavation services etc).📌

🔊From the first day on the site until the last Pullman’s team is focused on production. The promised delivery date is important to our customer therefore it is significant to us. Pullman’s determination to achieve critical due dates is a key to our success.



🔌We  have undertaken many dumping jobs in all parts of Kenya. This is in our DNA. With availability of reliable new machinery, skilled and hardworking operators,reliable dumping trucks, we have been able to serve the market effieciently.

🔌Our dumpistes are county approved inorder to protect our environment. Some of the dumping projects are shown on the photos.

🔊WHY PULLMAN is the best excavation COMPANY IN KENYA.

✔We’re off your site faster so you can start and complete your construction sooner.

  • No time lost from endless setting and resetting of stakes.
  • No staking errors.
  • Faster completion reduces risk of weather delays.
  • Excellent “first-time” accuracy means less surveying.
  • Plan changes, adjustments even drawing corrections are easily made right on site.
  • Cuts site prep and fine grading time by days — even weeks!
  • Faster completion for the same cost as slower “stake and grade” companies.


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