Excavation and Dumping services at Karen/Bomas, Nairobi, Kenya

03 April, 2024

Posted by: John

Excavation and Dumping services at Karen/Bomas, Nairobi, Kenya

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We do excavation works or services all over kenya. Might be road excavation,dam excavation,house foundations,sewerage excavation,etc. Services are charged either as hourly or piece work rates which in other terms is called per cubic meter. Piece work rates differ on dumping distance ,type of soil etc.

Many times clients have an idea of what they want but implementation of earth works matters. Its on the implementation that time and quantity is met. We work with clients around the clock to formulate a way possible to have the work done. No shortcuts though.

Different works calls for different approach. This is our profession and we fight to hold the required standards and day and time. Our team will keep the client advised on timelines and changes due to unavoidable situations eg mother nature, breakdown etc. We have capacity to mobilize machines in case of break down.

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